DAY 5 – Happy 47 months! <3

by misscarmeljoyinthekitchen

I would like to, first and foremost, dedicate the introduction of this post to my boyfriend by congratulating the both of us for reaching our 47th month being officially together! You’re the only one who can ever put up and keep up with me. I LOVE YOU! Mhmmmuahs! 🙂Day 5

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One of our homework during our Christmas break was to watch these movies that were given to us by our professor and to take note of the characters in the movies who are mentally-ill. One of the movies that made it to my movies-to-recommend list is Ron Howard’s “A Beautiful Mind.” As we all know, it is a movie based on true events in the life of one of the most amazing and influential individuals of all time, Professor John Nash. The movie was so moving, it brought tears to my eyes. I foreals watched it 4x, it was that incredible. I give it 5 stars! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Packed my bag for tomorrow’s… festivities. *sarcasm ;(

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My essentials for tomorrow’s classes (I only have two classes tomorrow btw 😉 )

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Cleaned my makeup brushes… and yes, I use my shampoo to clean them and it works perfectly!

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Good night! 😀